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TEAMWORKER: The Internal Facilitator
Co-operative, Perceptive, Diplomatic.
Listens, builds morale and averts friction.

Is this one of your Team Roles?

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2018 Events:

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Auckland: Tuesday 22 March

An informal Belbin networking opportunity

Auckland: 8 March
Suva, Fiji: 22 May
Other centres, other dates: on request

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Wellington: 31 Jan -1 Feb
Christchurch: 13-14 March
Dunedin: 17-18 April
Auckland: 2-3 May
Suva, Fiji: 23-24 May

Other centres/inhouse programmes:
as requested

Contact us for details

Christchurch: 12 March
Auckland: 22 March(Coast to Coast)

Dunedin: 16 April

Suva, Fiji: 21 May

Contact us for venue details

October 2018
Cambridge, UK



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