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TEAMWORKER: The Internal Facilitator
Co-operative, Perceptive, Diplomatic.
Listens, builds morale and averts friction.

Is this one of your Team Roles?

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To help you facilitate the feedback of the Belbin Team Role Reports, Belbin Associates have developed a range of materials including DVDs, books and games that can help. Check out what they have to offer here. And also take a look at the PDF resources we have available for you below. Feel free to contact us to discuss any of these.

Building on a Belbin Base:
A four page overview of the increasing importance of teams in an increasingly complex world and how Belbin can help develop effective teamwork and ultimately high performing teams.
Free to download here (PDF)


Belbin Interpretation Booklet:
This 25 page booklet is designed to assist individuals in getting the most out of their Belbin Profile experience. It serves as a handy reference guide and continues to add value long after the workshop is finished. Contact us if you'd like to view a sample copy or for purchase. $7.50 + GST - contact us for discounts on bulk orders.

The Belbin Guide to Succeeding at Work provides a clear, concise introduction to Belbin Team Roles and then goes on to apply the roles in a variety of practical situations. An ideal read for anyone starting out in the world of work or a new job, or for those entering into management.

Belbin Guide

PDF Resources:

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button Belbin Team Roles in a Nutshell
button Belbin - FAQs
button Embracing Diversity
button The Nine Team Roles Overview
button Missing Team Roles
button Belbin: Key Stages for Team Success
button Working with Other Team Roles
button A Comprehensive Review of Belbin Team Roles
button Building on a Belbin Base
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