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TEAMWORKER: The Internal Facilitator
Co-operative, Perceptive, Diplomatic.
Listens, builds morale and averts friction.

Is this one of your Team Roles?


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Our Services:

Our aim is to help organisations build and maintain team based management systems – the key to high performance and productivity. There are a number of ways we can provide this assistance:

Belbin Profiling

Belbin Team Role Profiles:
If you are a manager or an organisation looking to use Belbin Team Roles, then Leadership Solutions can help you produce a range of Belbin Reports for individuals and teams. To get the most out of your Belbin investment, we recommend using an Accredited Belbin Facilitator to feedback the profiles. This can be done individually in-person or by phone or in a Team Workshop setting. To view accredited facilitators in your area, click here.

Bureau Service:
Leadership Solutions offers a profile bureau service for accredited Belbin Facilitators. Once accredited, reports will be available for you at a discounted rate and we will support you all the way in their production and with assistance and suggestions for their use.

Interplace Sales and Support:
If you envisage using Belbin Team Role reports for over 100 people over the next 2 years, we would recommend that you consider the purchase your own Interplace profiling licence to provide maximum flexibility and cost savings.


Workshop Facilitation

In these workshops the overall aim is to increase participants’ understanding of themselves and others behaviours and contributions - to enable the team to communicate and work most effectively towards specific work objectives. While there is no such thing as a standard team there are common elements in all and we draw on these to set up review and development situations that meet the needs of each particular team.  These can be followed up with individual and team sessions. We have an extensive network of experienced facilitators throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands ready to help.

Who would benefit from a Belbin based workshop?

  • An existing team which needs to refocus for a new challenge or strategy
  • A new team which is not yet a cohesive unit
  • A project team who need to get up to high performance quickly
  • A team in the aftermath of major change/reorganisation/merger
  • A problematic team, where conflicts or low morale are getting in the way of effectiveness.
  • A high performing team which wants to achieve even greater success!

Click here to view our range of Workshops

Belbin Accreditation

This two day accreditation course is ideal for all development professionals who use, or are planning to use, Belbin Team Role theory and reports within their organisation, or as part of their training and consultancy toolkit – and who want to do so with confidence and clarity.

Click here to learn more about Belbin Team Roles Accreditation.

Team Architect Accreditation

This one day workshop is for experienced Learning and Development professionals, Managers and interested others looking to help organisations build high performing teams. The model draws on Team Roles knowledge and uses action learning processes to build the skills for working teams through the ten key performance development areas that will build team members' commitment and ownership of the architecture and subsequent performance.

Click here to learn more about Team Architect Accreditation.

Building Team Leadership Skills

Building on the fundamental team performance principle of strengthening your strengths and looking to other team members to cover your weaknesses, these programmes aim to equip participants with the knowledge of where they can make their most effective leadership contributions, the confidence to use these talents and the skills to draw on the complementary leadership skills of their colleagues.

  • The Performance Leaders Programme – this four day residential programme uses an experiential learning approach to enable participants to identify and test their own and their colleagues' most effective leadership styles. 
  • Leadership Coaching - One to one development activity for leaders who want to review and strengthen their leadership skills. Five one hour sessions over a three month period - Initial session face to face, balance by phone or meeting with an implementation review at the six month point.
Leadership - the actions within a group that create the will and the way to achieve a common goal.
Belbin Network

Applying the principles and processes of team based management, we are committed to growing and supporting the Belbin networks in New Zealand and the Pacific. There are a number of ways organisations, teams and individuals can join in to the discussions, development workshops and other networking activities. Click here to learn more about the Belbin Network.

GetSet - Belbin for Young People
Get Set is the Belbin® profile for young people who are on their way to a first job. Drawing on the original Belbin Team Roles model, it has been designed for those who have little or no experience of the workplace, specifically suitable for school or university students, as well as for graduates looking for a first job. (approx. 16-23 years). Click here to learn more about Belbin Get Set

Support & Sales

As the Belbin distributor for New Zealand and the Pacific, Leadership Solutions is responsible for;

  • Maintaining and Accreditation of facilitators using Belbin Team Roles
  • Providing profiling services for Belbin facilitators
  • Marketing Belbin Interplace profiling licenses to organisations and consultancies running Belbin-based team development programmes, including training and ongoing support
  • Actively promoting Belbin Team Roles products and services in the New Zealand and Pacific markets
  • Building the Belbin community through regular practitioners' and network events
  • Providing feedback to Belbin Associates on market trends and customer needs



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