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Belbin Team Architect Accreditation:

This programme covers the concepts, skills and implementation strategies a team development facilitator will find valuable when helping organisations to build team based management systems – building these on Belbin Team Roles knowledge.

It is a one day group programme that leads on to a supported implementation exercise – aiming to provide the experience that will enable straight forward future applications.

It uses an experiential learning approach to build each participant’s knowledge and skill in working a group through the ten architectural elements of effective teamwork:

    • The Team Goal
    • Team Knowledge of Functional and Team Roles
    • Guiding Principles for team interactions
    • Leadership Style and Focus
    • Measurable Team Performance
    • Regular Performance Review Processes
    • Assignment of Work within the Team
    • Productive and Positive Team Culture
    • Success Rate
    • Recognition and Reward of Individual and Team Performance

Another component of the programme is building the skills for measuring team performance – a known challenge in many organisations. This takes the form of using The Team Performance Check Sheet to evaluate the team architecture and to read each team’s own agreed performance measures.

How to use these two measuring techniques to shape a team’s on-going performance improvement activities - and to establish a longer term reading of team performance - are important skills linked into the Team Architect approach and developed in the programme.

The key development areas of this facilitation skills programme are the training in the skills of establishing the team architecture and team performance measurement. To provide a clear and consistent foundation it builds on Team Roles knowledge and uses the common performance language this generates, to ‘Build on a Belbin Base’.

This programme equips participants with a robust model and the skills to implement it in NZ organisations.

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Upcoming Workshops:
Auckland: 5-6 April
Dunedin: 13-14 July
Wellington: 20-21 July
Christchurch: 3-4 August
Auckland: 22-23 November
Other centres and in-house programmes as requested.
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