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Profiling for Young People

Get Set - the start of self-development, team-work and a successful career.

Get Set is the Belbin® profile for young people based on the original Belbin® Team Roles, derived from over nine years of research at Henley Management College and  now used world-wide by thousands of organisations, universities and schools.

It is an effective way to help students on the way to further education, higher education and ultimately, the world of work. It aims to enhance self-awareness and help the student, whatever the stage of their academic career, to make their own informed choices when it comes to taking the next step. It is a shift from the focus on 'what you know' to the more thought-provoking questions of 'who you are' and 'what you can contribute'.


Belbin team roles give students and those in the world of work alike a language to talk about their strengths and weaknesses. This language is immensely invaluable because it illustrates abilities without depending on qualifications. By providing accurate information about natural team role orientation, young people will be better prepared to make informed decisions at a crucial time in their lives.

Get Set will help young people:

  • Understand and develop their sense of identity
  • Identify and manage their strengths and weaknesses in group situations
  • Project themselves in the best possible way at interviews, in their CVs and at work.
  • Make them more effective team players - vital in the 21st century workplace

Unlike advisory systems that work on determining suitable careers or jobs, Get Set seeks to bring out the potential strengths of each individual and relate these to the various challenges that lie beyond the world of education.

‘The important thing is to know yourself, after that everything
is quite straightforward' - Meredith Belbin

How does it work?
In the first instance, individuals complete a questionnaire which asks them to investigate their responses to different situations they are likely to have encountered. They then ask up to six family members, friends and teachers to add an observer assessment, which enhances their Team Role feedback. This observer input is what sets Get Set apart from other assessment tools and is of particular value to young people who may not yet have an accurate view of who they are, how they behave and what they have to contribute to work and other interaction situations.

Get Set for Groups:
Get Set
profiling, including team reports (see samples), can provide immense value and insight when used with groups or teams such as in school leadership programmes or putting together university project teams. By providing a common, positive and easily understood team language, Belbin Get Set enables individuals and teams to communicate and work together with greater understanding and success. We would be happy to discuss such applications with you.

Please contact us for more information: info@leadershipsolutions.co.nz


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