From the pioneering Team Roles research in the 1970s through to today our Belbin organisation has always focused on process and application improvement. Much of the current work is led by the Cambridge UK based R&D section and field tested around the globe.

The emphasis is on providing applications that build on the base of Belbin knowledge while adding depth to our understanding of Team Roles behaviours.

In this section there are a number of useful resources. These range from feedback session handouts through to robust development strategies that can underpin the consistent growth of high performance team cultures.

Take what you need, respect copyright and use to make your own and your organisation’s applications of Belbin even more successful.

“The world needs Belbin”

Belbin Blog

Belbin “How to…” Guides

Belbin “How to…” guides are useful straight forward explanations of how to implement some of the most common applications of Team Roles theory and tools.

Belbin Applied

The Nine Team Roles in Detail

Workshop Resources

Belbin Methodology

Looking at what lies behind this very successful and effective model.

Dr Meredith Belbin

Belbin Interpretation Booklet

This 25 page booklet is designed to assist individuals in getting the most out of their Belbin Profile experience. It serves as a handy reference guide and continues to add value long after the workshop is finished. Contact us if you’d like to view a sample copy or for purchase. $7.50 + GST – contact us for discounts on bulk orders.

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