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Who We are

Leadership Solutions represents Belbin Associates UK in New Zealand Aotearoa and the nations that are the Pacific Islands Forum member states. Along with other representatives in the Belbin global network, our purpose is to put into practice the Team Role theory originally developed by Dr Meredith Belbin.

We distribute and service Belbin products throughout the South Pacific region.

We train and support in-house and consultant facilitators, running regular accreditation and practitioner master classes across the region.

We provide a bureau service for clients wishing to assemble Belbin Team Roles profiles.

We initiate and participate in new programme developments, collaborating with a range of other agencies and consultants that share the development tenets of “strengthening your strengths” and making the best use of the diverse talents in your team.

Located in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland, our core Leadership Solutions team is headed up by Candice Collier and Fiona Pond who operate as the central hub for an extensive network of experienced practitioners and accredited Belbin facilitators.

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Our Ethos

Leadership Solutions works to help organisations build team based management systems.

It is built on:

  • The focus on performance as the the common objective of all we are involved in

  • The view that teams are the most effective organisation performance unit

  • Strong customer and supplier relationships

  • Association with Belbin Associates in the UK

  • The experience and professional competence of its team members

  • The most effective development strategies are built on a foundation of common concepts and language – “Building on a Belbin Base”

  • The strong belief that the most effective communication is Kanohi ki te kanohi, face to face.

  • The knowledge that today Aotearoa New Zealand’s bi-cultural base supports a dynamic multi-cultural nation where collaboration and diversity are strands of our “identity fabric”. As with many of our Pacific neighbour states, teamwork is a vital building block – something that we do well and that we can do even better.

As we work with clients we often talk of the advantages of “strengthening our strengths” (rather than just working on our “weaknesses”). We also promote the benefits of drawing on the different talents of the others in the work group. Both are essential in building a dynamic team culture – the key to high performance.

What’s Next?

Contact us to see how you can use Belbin Team Roles within your organisation, or – if you are an independent consultant – as part of your toolbox.

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