About Winston & Denise

Located in the suburb of Army Bay in Auckland, our core Leadership Solutions team is headed up by Winston and Denise Pond who operate as the central hub for an extensive network of experienced practitioners and accredited Belbin facilitators.

Winston Pond is Leadership Solution’s Managing Consultant.

He is a highly skilled facilitator, experienced in helping teams work through uncertain situations. He complements these skills with an in-depth knowledge of what builds effective performance in organisations; in particular, a thorough knowledge of Belbin Team Roles theory and applications.

He is one of New Zealand’s most experienced management and organisation consultants – having worked in this area since 1980.

His Belbin Team Roles preferences are Co-ordinator, Plant and Teamworker.

His current Plant/Coordinator enthusiasm and implementation focus is applying Team Based learning approaches to the Belbin accreditation programme and related Belbin development activities with the goal of providing the skills needed to help a team build on its Team Roles knowledge by developing its team architecture.

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Denise Pond is an accredited Belbin Team Roles facilitator who fills two key roles in our consultancy.

She is responsible for managing the Belbin NZ bureau service, supporting the 200+ accredited Belbin practitioners, liaising with clients, identifying development solutions and producing Belbin interventions appropriate to their needs.

She also manages the business finances making great use of her Team Roles strengths to keep all in good order.

Denise has a background in education leadership and is also skilled in learning processes and coaching.

Implementer, Shaper and Monitor Evaluator are Denise’s top Team Roles.

Our Belbin Network

There is an extensive and expanding network of qualified professionals able to assist organisations and individuals in developing team behaviours and team cultures.

The following consultants are accredited by Belbin Associates to provide profiling and related team development services. Please click on any of the consultants below – many who can provide NZ wide service – to contact them directly via email.

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